It's a puzzle

It's a long time since I've written a blog. Mostly because I've been so busy and partly because there's only so many times I can talk about the mad English weather and how one minute I'm walking in snow, then sun, then rain!

Now that I am starting to get really busy with the walking everything is becoming a bit of a puzzle. One thing I have always tried to be is flexible and that means that I walk different dogs on different days of the week to suit their owners. Some days people cancel at the last minute and some days people will message at the last minute and ask if I can fit their dog in. Wherever possible I will fit them in to help out as much as possible.

Those who know me will agree that I don't have the best memory going yet somehow, in my head, I can manage to fit all my dogs into the day. Some I walk once a week, some 5 days. Some dogs need an hour walk, some only half an hour. Some dogs need to be walked alone; some can be walked in a group. Some dogs I have to drive to pick up, some I can walk to collect them.

It's no easy job to work out which dogs I am going to walk with each other and in which order I am going to walk them. It's a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting all the pieces into the right place at the right time and making sure that no-one is missed out. I can’t even put a plan in place for the week as every day is different so I’ve found the best thing to do is, each evening, list all the dogs I need to walk the next day and decide which order I am going to do it in. So far the puzzle pieces are fitting together pretty well and I seem to be doing ok!

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