Everything Changes

The other afternoon as we stood hovering and mopping our floors for the third time that day I began to reflect on how life has changed for us over the last 8 months.

It's true; we are cleaning our house more than ever! It was something we always had to do fairly regularly due to having three kids and two of our own dogs but these days we seem to constantly have the mop bucket out. Some days between walking, boarding and day-care we can have 6 or 7 dogs in and out of the house which needless to say creates a fair few muddy paw prints.

Of course the hideous weather hasn't helped either. Our garden is practically a swamp thanks to all the rain and paws. It's got so bad this week that we have taken the plunge and organised for a couple of companies to come and quote us for artificial grass. It won't get rid of the muddy paw prints entirely but it should help reduce them plus make the garden a nicer place for both the dogs and kids.

Our shopping list has changed drastically since we started the business too. In the last 8 months we have bought a new hoover, a steam mop, a new 'normal' mop, a jet wash for outside, new door mats, new waterproofs, new walking boots and about 50 litres of floor cleaner!

My interest in the weather has grown too. I have to say a forecast of rain, rain and more rain isn't my favourite thing in the world. Yesterday it was so bad that by the end of my walks I was dripping wet. Today has been a much nicer day and we've enjoyed a couple of nice walks along the canal in the sunshine. Luckily, as a rugby player, a bit of rain and cold don't scare me but I have to admit if given the choice I'd choose the sun any day!

I don't want you to think I'm complaining about all of the above though because I'm not. Becoming a dog walker is the best decision I ever made. We get more time together as a family which is brilliant. I also got one of those swanky GPS watches for my birthday which tells me that I'm burning a good 3000 calories and walking at least 12 miles a day- that can't be bad!

I think though my favourite change is the variety we have in our lives now. We get to meet so many different dogs. They're different colours, sizes, breeds & temperaments and it is fascinating. I can genuinely say that they are all lovely dogs and I (and all the family) really do love them, although it hasn't stopped my wife nagging me for another new puppy!

Anyway, that will do for now. I have a busy afternoon ahead- dogs to walk and floors to mop!

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