Cat Services

If you're going away on holiday not all cats are happy to be put into a cat box and taken to the cattery. I can take away the stress for you and your cat by visiting your home and ensuring your cat is fed and watered. I can even let her in and out so she can keep her freedom while you are away.

Cat feed and let in/out

I will visit your house daily and ensure your cat has access to fresh food and water. If you require, I can let your cat in and out, following a routine that suits you and your cat.

Daily visit: £7.

Twice daily visits: £14.


Kitten Play Breaks


Your kitten may be too young to go out of the house so I will visit your home and give your kitten a play break. I will check her litter tray is clean and will make sure she has fresh water and food. We will then spend the rest of our time having a play to use up some of her energy! As your kitten gets older you may want me to take her out into the garden to get used to the outdoor smells!

Kitten play break: £7 for half an hour, £12 an hour, £14 two half hour breaks during the day.