Two Tillys

Previously I wrote about the children getting confused with all the different dogs I have been looking after and trying to work out which one was which.

Life seems to be getting even more confusing. The busier I get the more dogs the children hear me talking about and the more dogs they meet. Now I'm at the point where I am looking after two dogs named Tilly and a dog named the same name as our Cockapoo (although she isn't a Cockapoo too thankfully).

I struggle to remember the names of people so think I am doing well with the dogs (I actually seem to be better with dogs than humans) but yet again the two youngest kids are just not managing it. Our youngest now refers to all dogs that enter the house as "Bob". I have no idea where she got that name from- I have never looked after nor talked about a dog with that name. Our suspicion is that she actually means to say "Dog" but since she is only two we'll let that one go.

On Tuesday I am looking after a chocolate Cockapoo for the day......who is willing to bet me that the kids can get through the day without referring to her as Lola?! No? I wouldn't take that bet either.

If only the two youngest kids could read, then we could give all the dogs a name label. Either that or maybe I should start only accepting dogs called Bob!

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