How to confuse a two year old...

Now that we have been around for a little while we are starting to get busier boarding dogs. In the last few weeks we have had 4 different dogs come and temporarily live with us. The children are used to dogs, since they already have two of their own, and are loving the variety of animals that we are having.

The problem is, though, they're getting rather confused. A few weeks ago we had a black cockapoo come and visit us. He was lovely and the kids loved him but we have a brown cockapoo. This meant for the whole weekend the main questions I was asked was "Is that Lola?" (our dog) "Is that Bobby?" (the borrowed dog) and "Which one is that then?" Clearly at two and four years old the children can't manage to look at the colour of the dog to decide which one it is!

As if that wasn't confusing enough Bobby went home while the children were out and then our friends came round to visit..... with their black cockapoo so when the kids got back they thought it was Bobby when in fact it was Olly!!!! Are you keeping up?!

There is something rather amusing about watching your children look from left to right and then back again as they try to work out which dog is in front of them and then call the dog both names just to be on the safe side! Although it is not quite so amusing when you spend the weekend calling the dog the wrong name and have to correct yourself constantly!

Last weekend we had a golden retriever staying with us, this week we have a wire fox terrier staying. They are completely different breeds, sizes and colours yet our youngest just can't get it in her head that they are different dogs. Poor Tilly keeps getting called Stanley and naturally doesn't respond. She's probably sitting there thinking "who the heck is Stanley?!" Thankfully the 4 year old has it sussed this time- Tilly is referred to as "the small one".

More to follow......

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